A new “BREZZA” (breeze) in the proposal signed by Tessitura Monti

Tessitura Monti presents the new Fall-Winter 17/18 collection, innovative and sophisticated, a proposal developed through 3 macro moods for style and reference target.

Contemporary, the classic and formal line, renewed by contemporary elements.

Comfort, Tessitura Monti fabrics have always been aiming at the best performance in terms of lightness, hand feel and perspiration, for a target loving comfort and wearability.

Casual Chic, a sportswear but refined style for a youthful and trendy shirt.


Among the innovations, a new product family has been introduced: BREZZA, whose name recalls the change, the light whiff of air and timeless authenticity of Made in Italy. The articles included in the BREZZA package consist of different constructions, from simple popeline to more complex structured bases, all made with Ne 80/1 yarn, absolute guarantee of perspiration, lightness and compactness. A typically Mediterranean fabric, fresh, comfortable but conceived and created to be worn in every season.


The same characteristics also emerge from LEICESTER, a new base woven with Ne 120/2 in warp, one of the finest 2-ply yarns ennobling an already extremely rich fabric

An important theme well developed through the whole collection is represented by weights, becoming lighter thanks to the use of finer and more compact YARNS, whereas the use of mélange, mouliné, jaspé and bouclé, defines the casual and sportswear part of the proposal.


KNITWEAR is a trend for FW17/18 season in the shirting world, included by Tessitura Monti in a fabric selection, suitable both for shirts and jackets, with innovative structures and finishings for a dynamic and comfortable look, in the classic and easy color range of greys, blues and browns. The presence of woven fabrics imitating knitwear is also very important and enriches the collection with items characterized by the high comfort and softness.


Innovative PRINTS complete the range of new proposals shown by Tessitura Monti in Milano Unica; prints with a dynamic and trendy look, 34characterized by small, tiny, minimal effects, geometric and structured, developed on wavy bases with classic provenance, wide designs with an Asiatic taste and refined Flock prints. Patterns printed on yarn dyed fabrics update the graphics world with a contemporary and elegant taste and create original 3D effects and color combinations. Thanks to the new Flock prints, with a delicate, tridimensional effect and a soft, silky touch Tessitura Monti suggests a more dynamic and trendy look.

In wider terms, Tessitura Monti FW17/18 collection shows a very natural COLOR PALETTE, not saturated nor vibrating, with classic tones renewed in their shades. Thanks to original color combinations, Tessitura Monti tries different light and brightness effects in the classic shirting colors. Reinterpretation of the more traditional blues, use of greens – especially olive and military  shades – and a new burnt brown proposal. The new stripes are at the same time easy, but also sophisticated and elaborated, as if drawn. Special yarn inserts enrich the new popeline bases and update the proposal of more formal designs. Another original aspect can be found in the checkered pattern, with small and medium dimensions, decorating the zephyr bases, and in the new constructions, brightening up surfaces to get light and shade effects.