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Leveraging on the skills gained in an over-100-year long activity in weaving and fabric finishing, Tessitura Monti has decided to make its contribution to the health emergency caused by COVID-19 and – in response to the Institutions’ appeal – has reconverted part of its production lines to the manufacturing of filtering masks, in accordance with Article 16 of the “Cura Italia” Decree. The production has been tested and certified by a nationally and internationally accredited laboratory, which has validated it according to the technical standards in force, as it meets the breathability, bacterial filtration efficiency and microbial cleaning requirements. Thanks to the characteristic fabric’s structure and the specific treatment to which they have been subjected to, the mask can be reused several times – their characteristics remain unchanged for up to ten washes -, are fully compliant with UNI EN 14683 standards and will be primarily destined to companies that want to equip their employees with devices ensuring their total safety in the workplace